Saturday, March 21, 2009

Marmaduke is trapped in his dog-house. This makes no sense because: a) Marmaduke is a dog and thus has the capability to dig, b) Marmaduke is usually represented as being at least 3 feet tall, which is much higher than the snow on the ground, and could just walk out of his dog-house. The dog-house also brings certain questions to mind such as: how does such a giant dog fit into such a small house?


Pirk said...

my only question is
Why is his owner wearing that hat? Is he thinking of starting a hip-hop career?
MC Hitler? A-dizzle?

Sparky said...

My question is this: Since owner-man had to shovel his walkway anyway, who gives a shit? Did owner-man ever hear of a snow-blower(snow-thrower in some areas)?

Why is owner-man a tool/slave for his shit-factory of a dog?

Is Marmaduke a superior being that has conquered "owner"-man?

Owner-man ALWAYS seems harried and horrified. Shouldn't he be used to the eating-shitting-machine known as Marmaduke by now?

Brian C. Russell said...

Leave him! Leave him out there! Freezing him could be our only hope to stop the monster!

Then, take him to Area 51 for tests. That's where Clifford is. it's about time we sent these giant, alien dogs back to outerspace!