Friday, March 20, 2009

Marmaduke has stolen his Owner-Man's credit card number and used it to download accordion music from iTunes.

It perplexes me that a dog has the ability to steal credit card information.


W.H.E. Foss said...

I think the reason that Marmaduke is buying this particular music is that, when he plays it backwards, he can hear the commands of his REAL master.

Brian C. Russell said...

Important questions...

Why the heck is that girl letting her DOG borrow her iPod?!

OR, how'd he get the earphones in without thumbs?

OR, what god-forsaken iTunes store sells dogs howling to accordion music?

OR, what do you name a band that makes that sort of music?

OR, what genre does that go into on your iTunes?

Pirk said...

lol @ "what do you name a band that makes that sort of music" only you would wonder that Brian

I think that Marmaduke has officially gone far beyond the bounds of what even a cartoon dog can believably do. He seems to be like that kid from that Twilight Zone episode (and the movie) who terrorized his family by altering reality at will.