Monday, April 13, 2009

Marmaduke missed with his initial bite. The child's death will be much more painful as a result, what with all the sexual assault.


Pirk said...

wow, is marmaduke menacing children outright now? he's going to get put down.

Sparky said...

Is Marmaduke SHRINKING in size now?

Brian C. Russell said...

Hang on. Marmaduke just did something awesome. Gosh I hate skater kids. When that little punk breaks his arm on Marmaduke's property because he's not wearing padding and goes crying home to his lawyer family, Marmaduke's gonna have problems... but until then, let's revel in the fact that Marmaduke did a public service today.

Thank you, Marmaduke for stopping punk skater kids.