Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Marmaduke has mistaken an officer of the law (who says that anymore?) for the ass of another dog. He cannot be blamed for this mistake as many officers of the law are, in fact, assholes (especially the ones that call themselves an officer of the law, just say cop or police officer, douchebag).


Brian C. Russell said...

Marmaduke just likes to taste his meals before he devours them.

Not to mention... it's really unclear who's saying that... Maybe it's the owner? It doesn't make much sense either way. I'm pretty sure that cop's got glaze on his face from donuts. Now he's all weak in the knees.

Marmaduke's lucky he didn't get shot. Heck, if I were a cop and saw a giant monster dog make a move towards me... BANG!

Pirk said...

lol @ "glaze on his face from donuts"
I'm curious as to what marm's owner did wrong. he's all wearing the hat and trenchcoat from those don't talk to strangers posters, with those beady, nervous eyes . . I don't even think that's their car