Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Anderson's are aware that a product called 'Xbox' exists and that it was once popular among children. They are not aware that no child alive today would actually want an Xbox and than if even if one did possess such an item, they would never trade it for a dog. Especially not one that has homicidal tendencies.


Sparky said...

Marmaduke sneaks his way into a new household by pretending to have been 'traded' for a 'non-rape' machine called 'X-rated-Box' from a company called 'MicroHard'.

Once inside, the evil Marmaduke takes turns raping the new owner-lady and the clueless 'owner-child' until not are they bleeding profusely out of their 'behinds' but they are also thinking of ways to admit that God (aparently) is dead and Satan (in the form of an ass-raping Marmaduke) is alive and well.