Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Marmaduke's Owner-Lady tried to live life in the slow lane, but Marmaduke is a go-go type of dog and wants her to get back into the fast lane.


Brian C. Russell said...

Okay. I have two dogs... and #1 They would NEVER take precedence over people for shotgun.

#2 Why the heck is he wearing a seatbelt?

#3 Why is he in the car?

#4 I think he's trying to kill them all. Get that kid in the red and black stripe Calvin rip-off to pull up on the handle, have the girl push his seatbelt release and have mom push his big hide out into oncoming traffic and let's end this thing!
Sheesh. Have to tell people everything.

Oh, and why does Marmaduke look like Scooby after he nearly died by ODing with Shaggy in an alley and left to die?